Course overview


What You'll Learn

Course Description

Would you like to be your own boss? Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Don’t know what to do about your great business idea? If you have ever thought about these situations, then you need our entrepreneurship course. This workshop will help give you he tools you need to start, run, and grow your business. 

What's Included

  • 12 Interactive Modules
  • Module Review Questions
  • Brainstorming activities
  • An Action Plan
  • Case Studies
  • Handouts and downloadable Resources
  • Certificate of Completion

Skill Development

Our Entrepreneurship course help you achieve your dreams. 
  • Determine your entrepreneurial venture 
  • Develop a business plan 
  • Identify sources of financing
  • Hire and train employees for your business
  • Create a list of best practices for running and growing your business

Modules Course Syllabus

Module 1: Getting Started
Module 2: Decide on the Type of Business
Module 3: What is the Market/ Competition Like
Module 4: Basics of Starting a Business
Module 5: Create a Business Plan
Module 6: Get Financing
Module 7: Hire Employees
Module 8: Training Employees
Module 9: Market the Business
Module 10: Run the Business
Module 11: Grow the Business


Learn on the Go!

This is a self-paced eLearning course designed by subject matter experts on the iTN course development team in conjunction with Dr. Shirley Sims. Dr. Sims is a well known business consultant with over 12 years experience in helping entrepreneurs, start, grow and rebrand businesses. Study on your own schedule, anytime, on your desktop or mobile device.