Course overview

Basic Bookkeeping

Financial Portfolio, checks & balances

What You'll Learn

Course Description

The main objective of book-keeping is to keep a complete and accurate record of all the financial transactions in a systematic orderly, logical manner. This ensures that the financial effects of these transactions are reflected in the books.

What's Included

  • 12 Interactive Modules
  • End of Module Review Questions
  • Practical Case Studies
  • Handouts and Resources
  • 100% online
  • Duration 1.5 hours

Skill Development

You will learn the core skills to help you use resources efficiently in order to maintain accurate books. 

Module Course Syllabus

Module 1: Workshop Objectives
Module 2: Basic Terminology Part 1
Module 3: Basic Terminology Part 2
Module 4: Accounting Methods
Module 5: Keeping Track of Your Business
Module 6: Understanding the Balance Sheet
Module 7: Other Financial Statements
Module 8: Payroll Accounting / Terminology
Module 9: End of Period Procedures
Module 10: Financial Planning, Budgeting and Control
Module 11: Auditing
Module 12: Wrapping Up

Learn on the Go!

This is a self-paced eLearning course designed by subject matter experts. This is not an instructor-led course. Study on your own schedule, anytime, on your desktop or mobile device.